USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

The National Outreach Network Community Health Educator (NON-CHE) Program

About National Outreach Community Health Educator Program:

We are offering educational workshops about the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the HPV vaccine, and clinical trials  for Los Angeles County residents of Hispanic/Latinx descent (18 years or older) via virtual workshops and in-person presentations (upon request and following Covid-19 guidelines). Our community health educators deliver workshops in Spanish and English.

We offer our educational programs in the following ways:  

    • Virtual workshops via Zoom to small groups. Due to Covid-19, all presentations are currently virtual.
    • Individual appointments with our Community Health Educator Team.

HPV Infection Awareness and Vaccination Education Workshop:

HPV is a common virus that can cause six types of cancer. In Los Angeles County, cervical cancer rates disproportionately affect our Hispanic and Latin American community, who face greater disparities due to socioeconomic status, language, and other systemic barriers and tend to have lower vaccination rates. This project will help us better understand involvement in clinical trials  and discover new ways to increase HPV infection awareness, vaccination uptake, and reduce barriers to care. To raise awareness of cancer prevention through HPV education and vaccination, the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is conducting culturally responsive educational workshops.

What you will be asked to do as an HPV workshop participant:

1.    Complete a short pre-demographic survey which takes roughly 5 mins
2.    Participate in short HPV educational workshop which takes 30 mins
3.    Complete short post education survey which takes roughly 10 mins
4.    Complete follow-up surveys at 3 months and 6 months which each take roughly 10 mins

Participants will participate in a raffle of $50 for completing pre and post surveys during workshop.

Contact Information:

For more information on how to register for our HPV or clinical trials education workshops, please contact our Community Health Educator:

Alejandra Ramos, MPH
Mobile: (747) 263-1728

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers to help disseminate information and break HPV associated stigma.

Clinical Trials Education Workshop:


Becoming informed about cancer clinical trials can help you better understand the details of what a clinical trial is, what common myths are, and what questions are important to ask your healthcare team when considering a clinical trial. 

Who is it for?

Our workshops about clinical trial education are for anyone who would like to better understand what participating in a clinical trial means.


Participants will participate in a raffle of $50 for completing pre and post surveys during workshop.

What you will be asked to do as a clinical trial  education workshop participant:

1. Complete short pre-survey
2. Attend clinical trials education workshop
3. Complete post-education survey

Sessions are available in English or Spanish. Sessions can be scheduled on a one-on-one basis or in a regularly scheduled group setting.