USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

How to apply to become a member of USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Applicants are encouraged to identify the NCCC research program that best aligns with their research interests. Please see the full list of programs to the right (below for mobile).

To apply for NCCC membership, interested individuals should complete an online membership application form and submit three documents:

    1. Research statement summarizing the cancer relevance of their current research.
    2. NIH biosketch, which outlines their credentials, describes the applicant’s cancer-related research, and lists cancer-relevant publications and grant funding.
    3. NIH Other Support, digitally signed, which includes all resources made available to researchers or senior key personnel in support of and/or related to all their research endeavors. If not applicable, please still submit the blank NIH document and indicate “no other support. For any questions, please contact

Membership approval process

  • All new applicants are first reviewed by NCCC Administration to ensure that the application is complete and includes a complete NIH biosketch.
  • Completed applications are submitted to the Program Leaders of the Research Program identified by the applicant for membership for consideration as either a Full or Associate Member, as well as the relevant Associate Director(s) and members of the Executive Committee.
  • The application receives final review and approval by the NCCC Director.
  • Applicant is notified by NCCC Administration of the outcome of their application review via email. The email will also direct the member to the NCCC website to inform her/him of all the resources available to all NCCC members, e.g. shared resources, funding opportunities, symposia.
  • The Program Leaders and NCCC leadership review all members annually for appropriateness of continued appointments.