USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Preclinical Models Shared Resource (PMSR)

The USC Norris Preclinical Models Shared Resource (PMSR) provides consultation and support for the use of preclinical models, including patient-derived xenografts, intending to generate data to foster the development of novel drug compounds or combinations for the treatment of cancer. The PMSR will work closely with investigators and the Data Science Core to ensure the appropriate preclinical model selection and study design, conduct single or combination drug compound testing, and report preclinical activity. The PMSR will also facilitate biomarker and target validation testing in collaboration with other NCCC Core Facilities, including the Molecular Genomics Core and the Liquid Biopsy Core. These studies are likely to yield robust preliminary data for grant proposals, rationale for novel early-phase clinical trials, and enhance our competitive edge for NCI CTEP solicitations.

The main goals of PMSR are to:

    • Conduct preclinical oncology drug testing for USC Norris members and other USC investigators conducting cancer research
    • Offer in vivo models and services to demonstrate preclinical activity, covered under comprehensive IACUC protocols
    • Offer sample collection and processing for molecular target analysis in partnership with other NCCC Core Facilities

PMSR Services

    • Preclinical study planning and implementation for oncology research.
    • Consultation on the design of preclinical studies, including tumor model selection, treatment administration routes, tumor and animal monitoring modalities, and endpoint selection.
    • Access to select in-house resources and publicly available repositories of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models and syngeneic mouse models.
    • All-inclusive preclinical study support:
      • Expansion and preparation of PDX and tumor cell lines for preclinical studies
      • Tumor implantation 
      • Administration of drug or other therapeutic intervention
      • Tumor and endpoint monitoring
      • Collection of tissue at endpoint for further analysis.
    • Other services in collaboration with USC Norris core facilities:
    • Partnership with Brown  Center for Cancer Drug Development (CCDD) funded projects on a case-by-case basis

Contact Us:

Ben Yi Tew

Lab Manager



PMSR Policies

    • PMSR is available to all USC Norris members and members of the wider USC community who are conducting cancer-focused research.
    • PMSR provides free initial consultations (up to one hour) to determine the feasibility and scope of the project. The potential outputs of the initial consultation period are a feasibility assessment, project scope, and project plan, including cost estimate and timeline. Once the project plan is developed and agreed upon, all further activities will generate Core charges.
    • USC Norris members are encouraged to discuss the scope of their study with the Director of the PMSR during the grant writing process and with the USC Norris Data Science Shared Resource for study design and data analysis. This includes determining the feasibility of the study and the number of animals and treatment groups to be used to have sufficient statistical power.
    • USC Norris full members receive a 15% subsidy on PMSR pricing.
    • Acknowledgment of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center CCSG grant (NCI grant # P30CA014089) in scientific manuscripts is required when PMSR services have been provided.

PMSR Leadership

Bodour Salhia, PhD