USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Benefits of Membership

USC Norris Full Members enjoy special benefits and services.  Here are a few of the benefits that are available:

      • Access to extensive research and academic infrastructure for interdisciplinary research programs and initiatives.
      • Eligibility for special intramural research funding opportunities.
      • Priority access and discounted rates on services from USC Norris-managed shared resource cores.
      • Invitations to a full calendar of seminars, retreats, symposia, and other scientific events.
      • Large network of potential cancer research collaborators and mentors.
      • Clinical trial support through USC Norris Clinical Investigation Support Office (CISO).

Types of Membership

Full Members:

Faculty who perform research on cancer-focused topics, as evidenced by current publications focused on cancer AND by PI status on current peer-reviewed grant funding that is cancer-related or PI status on an active clinical trial. Full Members meet criteria in the NCCC’s SOPs for cancer relevance. However, at the discretion of the Director and Executive Committee, there can be exceptions to the PI status, including:

      • newly recruited faculty with less than three years of faculty status at USC;
      • faculty who are co-investigators on cancer-related grants and are actively leading cancer-focused research;
      • faculty who continue to publish cancer-related research as first or senior author, but who have an anticipated short-term gap (< 1 year) in cancer-related funding.

Associate Members:

Faculty who lead cancer-focused research, as evidenced by current publications, but do not currently meet the criteria for full membership.

Membership Criteria

      • Members will be appointed in only one program; however, they may attend the activities of all programs. 
      • Demonstration of substantial participation in USC Norris activities is required for continued membership in the USC Norris. Attendance at Cancer Center Grand Rounds and Program Meetings is expected.
      • Membership is reviewed annually. One of three decisions will be made following the review: 
        1. continued membership in current membership category; 
        2. change in status from Associate Member to Full Member or vice versa; or 
        3. termination of membership. If a change in membership status or recommendation for termination is being considered, the appropriate Program Leader and Associate Director are consulted.