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About the Program

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Cohort is the core of the Eileen McGeever Breast Cancer Survivorship Research Program.  The Cohort will enroll 1,000 women who have completed breast cancer treatment. Participants will contribute to breast cancer research by completing surveys and donating blood samples. The information will help researchers advance our understanding of a range of cancer-related topics, such as the impact of stress, behavior, social factors, and diet on recurrence, and tracking and treating minimal residual disease.  Enrollment in the study began in May 2022 and is ongoing.  If you are interested in joining our research efforts, click below to find out if you are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Diagnosed with invasive (Stage 1-3) breast cancer within the past 7 years
    • Not currently receiving active chemotherapy treatment (maintenance therapy or endocrine therapy allowed)
    • Have not previously had a recurrence

To see if you are eligible to enroll in this exciting new breast cancer survivorship program, click below.

Educational Program
The Eileen McGeever Breast Cancer Survivorship Program is committed to supporting survivors throughout their journey.  As part of this effort, we are developing an Educational Program with information on topics of interest to breast cancer survivors.  Specific activities will include educational webinars and chat groups with scientists and clinicians for meaningful connection and community. Through partnerships with community organizations, we will engage with diverse populations across Los Angeles County and the nation.
Educational and Webinar dates

***Coming Soon***