USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core

The mission of the Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring (FCIM) Shared Resource is to provide cutting edge flow cytometers and immune monitoring equipment, technical support, and assay services to advance basic, translational and clinical research to promote the novel diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.

FCIM Services:


(First-time users are required to complete training to use the following equipment).


    • 5 lasers (349/405/488/561/637 nm)
    • 50 detectors
    • High-throughput sample (HTS) plate loader for 96- or 384-well microplate


    • 5 lasers (355/405/488/561/640 nm)
    • 66 detectors
    • High-throughput sample (HTS) plate loader for 96-well microplate
    • Enhanced small particle (ESP) detection for nanoparticle analysis (e.g. exosomes)


    • Multi-detection mode
      • Absorbance
      • Fluorescence intensity
      • Fluorescence polarization
      • FRET
      • Luminescence
      • Alpha Screen


    • Multiplex analysis up to 100 biomolecules
      • Proteins
      • Peptides
      • Nucleic acids

Technical support

      • Train users to enable independent usage of FCIM equipment
      • Assist in developing cell-based immune assays
      • Design services for flow cytometry panels
      • Conduct educational seminars

Bioanalytical services

FCIM offers concierge services to clinicians for therapeutic or non-interventional clinical studies, including collection, processing and analysis of blood and tumor specimens.

      • Specimen processing and storage (blood, urine, stool)
      • Isolation of cells from specimens (blood, urine, stool and tissue)
      • Cellular cytotoxic assays (viability, proliferation, cell-killing)
      • Cellular immunophenotyping
      • Cellular functional assays
      • Antibody and cytokine profiling
      • Custom cell-based immune assays

FCIM Policies:

Access to FCIM (NRT 3514)

      • NCCC full members: 24/7
      • USC/external: Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM, except holidays
        • USC ID access to NRT is required.

Equipment Access

      1. FCIM is a BSL-2 facility. Individual users are required to be properly trained and certified for BSL-2 lab practices by EHS and their respective labs.
      2. Access to USC FBS scheduling system – equipment use is scheduled and charged through FBS.
        • For Users Outside of USC (non-USC), please contact FCIM for reservation and questions.
      3. Reservations for individual instrument usage must be made in advance through USC FBS.
        • Any changes or cancellations must be made at least 2 hours prior to the reserved time in order to avoid penalty fees.
        • Reservation time of 8 hours or longer must be made at least 24 hours ahead of time.
        • A no-show without cancellation will be charged for the full time scheduled.
        • If users are found operating instruments without a reservation, their PI(s) will be notified and their accounts will be charged accordingly.
        • Repeat no-shows may lead to suspension of user’s future access to FCIM.
      4. Users are required to complete equipment training.
        • Untrained users
          • Schedule equipment for “Assisted” use through USC FBS for training at least 24 hours in advance.
          • Contact FCIM to schedule training during office hours.
          • Upon completion of training, users will have access to schedule for “Unassisted” use through USC FBS.
        • Trained users
          • Schedule equipment for “Unassisted” use through USC FBS.
      1. Users are required to clean up equipment and workspaces before and after use.
      2. Users are required to immediately report any issues regarding equipment and/or workspace to FCIM.
        • It is the user’s responsibility to use lab resources in a responsible manner.
        • Users should contact FCIM if technical assistance is needed.
        • Damage from misuse will result in charges for repair costs.
      3. It is the user’s responsibility to save their data generated from instrument use. Any data saved on the hard drives may be deleted by the director as necessary to ensure adequate space for the computer to run properly.
      4. Acknowledgment of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center CCSG grant (NCI grant # P30CA014089) in scientific manuscripts is required when FCIM services have been provided.

Fee Structures

      1. Fee rates are categorized based on the following: 1) Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center (NCCC) full members USC non-full NCCC members  (USC) and 3) non-USC users (external users).
      2. Daily Rate: 8 hours or more = 8 hours
      3. Free consultation and training of up to 1 hour for all new users on first use of equipment in FCIM.

Contact Us:

Junji Watanabe, Ph.D
Technical Director
Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring (FCIM)

FCIM Leadership

Fumito Ito MD, PhD

FCIM  Director