USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center


CCDD Process

The USC Norris CCDD drug development process is uniquely structured in partnership with faculty to accelerate a rigorous review of projects. This process will be managed by the MESH Academy Business Development and Industry Relations team to ensure transparency, establish a central point of contact, and reduce redundancies and missed opportunities.

CCDD process

Intake Submission, Triage Review

Faculty complete Intake Form. This signals the first step in the review process.

Faculty will be paired with a MESH representative to:

      • Understand Scientific and Technical Rationale
      • Discuss unmet needs and business considerations
      • Create a path to clinic showing critical inflection points
      • Incorporate information into presentation for EAC review

No cookie cutter approach – each innovation is unique and requires iterative dialogue with faculty to engage and co-create a successful path to the clinic

How to Submit a Target to CCDD: 

Please complete the USC Norris CCDD  Intake Form  and return to the MESH BDIR team at, or submit via the online submission form.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your target/therapeutic before submitting the intake form, please contact the MESH BDIR team at


External Advisory Committee (EAC) Review

Faculty give short presentation, followed by Q&A.

EAC will rank each project based on 7 criteria:

      • Scientific Rational
      • Technical Probability of Success
      • Innovation (differentiated solution/unmet need)
      • Fundability – Government, Foundations
      • Fundability – Industry, Venture Capital
      • Current IP Position
      • Potential to create new IP

EAC will provide list of prioritized targets with feedback to the CCDD Leadership team. 

Decision to Advance, Project Plan and Partnering

EAC will provide list of prioritized targets to advance

For targets that are advanced, faculty will work collaboratively with:

      • CCDD team to develop a project plan, including development of milestones, budget, timeline, additional resources needed to get to the next inflections points.
      • Domain experts (i.e. clinicians, population science, regulatory)
      • MESH BDIR to formulate industry collaboration/partnering strategies

NCCC Director provides final decision on budget requests

Approved projects typically fall into one of these categories:

      • Managed by CCDD, including an investment of funds
      • Managed by CCDD, including an investment of funds with in-kind and/or cost-share by internal or external strategic partner
      • Moved directly into discussions with prospective industry partners

CCDD Partnering Zone

 The MESH BDIR team will collaborate with the faculty/project team and with potential prospective external collaborators to formulate a partnering strategy that is mutually beneficial. The focus of the partnering zone is to:

      • Build relationships to create long-term value.
      • Bridge gaps in expertise, resources, and funding.
      • Encourage partnering discussions at any stage of development.
      • Provide optionality for USC to accelerate their targets to therapy.
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