USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bodour Salhia, PhD

Co-Leader, Genomic and Epigenomic Regulation Research Program

Dr. Salhia is a co-leader of the Genomic and Epigenomic Regulation Research (GER) Program at USC Norris.  In this role, she works with Dr. Yali Dou to oversee the GER program and its membership, determine the program’s research direction, facilitate collaborations between members and other programs, and organize seminars and retreats. Dr. Salhia is a translational genomics scientist with extensive knowledge and expertise in mechanisms that underlie tumorigenesis and tumor biology. Moreover, Dr. Salhia is the creator of the Bench with Bedside Initiative, an innovative program that offers a trans-relational approach to conducting cancer research, where scientists at the bench collaborate and engage with study participants at the bedside.