USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Personalized Fundraising Pages

Personalized fundraising pages make it easy for you to honor or memorialize a loved one or celebrate a special occasion, while demonstrating your commitment to the fight against cancer. Create your own donation page, tell your story, and invite friends and family to show their support. 

How to Get Started

      1. Submit the personalized fundraising page online request form by clicking the button below. To see examples of existing fundraising pages, click HERE.
      2. Draft a short story to honor or memorialize your tributee or celebrate your special occasion (1 to 4 paragraphs).
      3. Decide on 1 to 3 images to submit for possible use with your story.
      4. Decide on a fundraising goal. Minimum goal needed to create a page is $5,000.
      5. Decide on a short URL to use in publicizing your page (optional). Short URL’s begin with “” and end with the name of the tributee or special occasion. (Ex. or 
      6. Submit your story, image(s), and short URL via the online request form.

Once your personalized fundraising page is active

      1. Invite friends and family to visit your page and show their support by making a contribution
      2. Share your page via social media, email, phone, letter, and printed material
      3. Include your short URL on printed materials and in electronic communications (if used).
      4. USC Norris will provide the volunteer fundraiser with updates on your fundraising total.

Naming Recognition

USC Norris offers naming opportunities for any pledge or gift of $25,000 or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Where do funds raised from these pages go?
        The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is a part of the University of Southern California, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Volunteer fundraisers can designate a specific doctor’s research fund, department or program that the funds should benefit, or they can support highest priority cancer research at USC Norris.
      2. Will I be held responsible for the minimum fundraising goal?
        No, you will not be held responsible for the minimum fundraising goal. We do, however, ask you to consider pledging the remainder needed to reach a minimum of $5,000 in donations. Although this goal is requested to help ensure that we make the best use of limited staff resources, any amount raised is greatly appreciated. 
      3. What do I do if I receive donations by check?
        If checks are collected in conjunction with online fundraising, they should be made payable to USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center with the tributee’s name noted on the memo line as the “honoree.”

Mail all checks to: 

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Development Office

1441 Eastlake Avenue, Suite 8302

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Attn: Online Fundraising Program


Institutional Limitations 

    1. USC Norris cannot endorse or sponsor third party events or projects. 
    2. USC Norris cannot release its email list or send emails on behalf of third-party fundraisers.
    3. USC Norris staff may not participate in the sale of tickets, solicit sponsorships or in-kind donations or sell merchandise to benefit USC Norris.
    4. Third Party fundraising efforts may not result in any cost or expense to USC Norris, including the use of USC Norris facilities.

We are grateful to you

You, our volunteer fundraisers are truly inspiring to us. Our doctors, nurses, and staff hold you in the highest esteem for your dedication, sometimes in the face of great adversity, to furthering this cause. We thank you.

Have Questions?

Please contact us at or (323) 865-0700 if you need further assistance.