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If you are a patient, please contact Keck Medical Center of USC at 800-USC-CARE.

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Message From the Director

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports that the number of Americans at risk of getting and dying from cancer is declining. Further, the survival rates of many cancers are improving.

It is not by chance that we are seeing improvement in cancer statistics. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of scientists, working in partnership with physicians, patients and families, we are discovering more about what causes cancer and how we can treat and possibly prevent it. The more than 200 members of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center are actively involved in this process.

For more than 40 years, USC Norris has been a leader in cancer research. As a testament to this leadership, the NCI has designated the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center as one of the nation's 49 comprehensive cancer centers, a select group of institutions providing groundbreaking cancer treatment, research, prevention, and education. Our leadership is showcased in our expanding base of research funding, our growing facilities, and our unwavering commitment to innovative fields of research that provide new promise for conquering cancer.

The rapid movement of medical breakthroughs from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside is absolutely essential to our mission. Those who treat patients on a daily basis rely on laboratory research to give them increasingly sophisticated weapons with which to battle cancer. Laboratory scientists, in turn, rely on clinicians to point them in the direction of greater need; to report in from the front lines as to which therapies are working with the fewest side effects.

Medicine and science do not live in separate realms, and this point is recognized and emphasized in the structure of USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our scientists, physicians, and patient care facilities are housed under the same roof. All of this combined work and dedication, we believe, translates into bringing us closer to eradicating cancer.

Whether it is seeking ways to prevent cancer, improving treatments or searching for cures, everyone involved with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center remains committed to our shared goal of making cancer a disease of the past.


Peggy Farnham, Ph.D.
Interim Director
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center