University of Southern California
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Volunteer Services

Volunteers provide special services and fulfill needs for patients, families, visitors and staff at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Some of the programs available to volunteers include:

Cancer Survivorship Advisory Council
Established in 1999, the Cancer Survivorship Advisory Council provides an opportunity for cancer patients and caregivers to bring the patient’s perspective on cancer research, treatment and health care policy into greater focus.  Cancer patients, survivors, advocates and caregivers give a face to survivorship as they serve on Cancer Center committees that direct research, treatment and education decisions throughout the cancer center.

Currently, members of the Council serve on the Cancer Center’s Patient Education Committee, the Pain Management and Palliative Care Committee, the Clinical Investigations Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee. Council members have the opportunity to impart their perspectives to the students at the Keck School of Medicine and to meet with newly diagnosed patients at the Norris’ New Patient Navigation Programs.

If you would like more information about the Cancer Survivorship Advisory Council, would like to attend a meeting to find out what we’re about, or are interested in joining, contact Janet Villarmia, Associate Director for Administration, at 323-865-0801.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities
For additional information about volunteer opportunities at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, contact Alicia Syres, director of volunteer services, at (323) 865-3169.