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Keley Rose Schaefer

Keley Rose Schaefer was born on July 25, 1984 and passed away on June 7, 2011 after a short (3 months) but hard fought battle with ovarian cancer. Keley was a passionate, high spirited, dedicated, smart, and loving young woman with a wonderful sense of humor. At the time she passed away, she was working in a NeuroScience lab and looking forward to going to medical school at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Unfortunately, she did not get to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor and working to help cure Parkinson's Disease. One of her last wishes was to continue to help people. This research fund in her name allows her to do just that. Please help keep Keley's memory and dream alive by donating to Dr. Agustin Garcia's research (Keley's doctor), as he and his team work to develop a pre-screening test for ovarian cancer.

Special Note: Please join us for the 4th Annual Keley Rose Schaefer Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research on Saturday, July 25th from noon to 3pm, benefiting the Keley Rose Schaefer Memorial Fund. To register, contact us at

Make your donation Make your donation using the button below. Be sure to click on the “Memorial or honorarium information” link on page two of the donation form and indicate your gift is in memory of “Keley Schaefer.” Approximately $33,000 has been raised to date!

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