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Bert Perkins

Kicking Cancer to the Curb - Miranda and Iris Run a Half Marathon Against Prostate Cancer

In 2015, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital helped our father, Bertram Stanford Perkins, treat and beat prostate cancer. He’s pretty badass, and our family is beyond grateful for the medical technology and treatment that helped our father's recovery from his cancer diagnosis.

It takes a village and many dollar bills to sustain the research, education, and treatment to help cases like Bert's which is why Miranda and I are fundraising and running a 13k on Father’s Day Weekend to honor our dad and his treatment team. The care that Bert received from USC over the past two years has been superb, and his recovery was made possible by state-of-the-art radiation technology led by Dr. Leslie Ballas.

Your donation supports the USC Norris Cancer Center Research and Dr. Leslie Ballas academic research. By supporting Dr. Leslie Ballas, you are supporting future research and the development of new cancer therapies for the next wave of cancer patients, helping them beat cancer and receive quality care from expert physicians and staff.

Support our efforts by making a donation, and help us reach our goal of $1,500 by Friday, June 15th.

Make your donation to benefit prostate cancer research using the button below. Be sure to click on the "Memorial or honorarium information" link on page two of the donation form and indicate your gift is in honor of "Bert Perkins”.

“I love academic medicine. It allows me to spend time investigating research questions that I am passionate about, mentor medical students and help them discover what kind of physicians they want to become and interact with various types of patients. USC provides me opportunities in all of these areas and invests in its faculty’s success – just as it invests in the success of its patients.”- Dr. Leslie Ballas

USC Norris is part of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and University of Southern California and uses USC’s Federal Tax ID Number: 95-1642394

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Donations by check - please make checks payable to “USC Norris” and write “In honor of Bert Perkins” in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to the following address with an accompanying cover letter that includes your full name, preferred mailing address and phone number to:

USC Norris
c/o Personalized Fundraising Program
1441 Eastlake Ave, Suite 8302
Los Angeles, CA 90089

USC Norris is part of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and University of Southern California and use USC's Federal Tax ID Number: 95-1642394. For Questions about your gift please contact Jacqueline Bertole at (323) 865-0667 or by email at