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Total Number of Publications: 118
Inter Programmatic Publications: 62
Intra Programmatic Publications: 0

1: Lloyd A, Penson DF, Dewilde S, Kleinman L
Eliciting patient preferences for hormonal therapy options in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 11: 153-9 (2008)
PM ID: 17637761
2: Etzioni RD, Gulati R, Falcon S, Penson DF
Impact of PSA screening on the incidence of advanced stage prostate cancer in the United States: a surveillance modeling approach.
Med Decis Making 28: 323-31 (2008)
PM ID: 18319508
3: Jia L, Berman BP, Jariwala U, Yan X, Cogan JP, Walters A, Chen T, Buchanan G, Frenkel B, Coetzee GA
Genomic androgen receptor-occupied regions with different functions, defined by histone acetylation, coregulators and transcriptional capacity.
PLoS One 3: e3645 (2008)
PM ID: 18997859 PMC2577007
4: Yang S, Pham LK, Liao CP, Frenkel B, Reddi AH, Roy-Burman P
A novel bone morphogenetic protein signaling in heterotypic cell interactions in prostate cancer.
Cancer Res 68: 198-205 (2008)
PM ID: 18172312
5: Sabichi AL, Lerner SP, Atkinson EN, Grossman HB, Caraway NP, Dinney CP, Penson DF, Matin S, Kamat A, Pisters LL, Lin DW, Katz RL, Brenner DE, Hemstreet GP, Wargo M, Bleyer A, Sanders WH, Clifford JL, Parnes HL, Lippman SM
Phase III prevention trial of fenretinide in patients with resected non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Clin Cancer Res 14: 224-9 (2008)
PM ID: 18172274
6: Shariat SF, Karakiewicz PI, Ashfaq R, Lerner SP, Palapattu GS, Cote RJ, Sagalowsky AI, Lotan Y
Multiple biomarkers improve prediction of bladder cancer recurrence and mortality in patients undergoing cystectomy.
Cancer 112: 315-25 (2008)
PM ID: 18008359
7: Lin SL, Chang DF, Chiang AN, Ying SY
Androgen receptor regulates CD168 expression and signaling in prostate cancer.
Carcinogenesis 29: 282-90 (2008)
PM ID: 18174258
8: Etzioni RD, Tsodikov A, Mariotto A, Szabo A, Falcon S, Wegelin J, Ditommaso D, Karnofski K, Gulati R, Penson DF, Feuer EJ
Quantifying the role of PSA screening in the US prostate cancer mortality decline.
Cancer Causes Control 19: 175-81 (2008)
PM ID: 18027095
9: Huang GJ, Penson DF
Internet health resources and the cancer patient.
Cancer Invest 26: 202-7 (2008)
PM ID: 18259953
10: Shi SR, Liu C, Pootrakul L, Tang L, Young A, Chen R, Cote RJ, Taylor CR
Evaluation of the value of frozen tissue section used as "gold standard" for immunohistochemistry.
Am J Clin Pathol 129: 358-66 (2008)
PM ID: 18285257
11: Lin SL, Chiang AN, Chang DF, Ying SY
Loss of mir-146a function in hormone-refractory prostate cancer.
RNA 14: 417-24 (2008)
PM ID: 18174313 PMC2248249
12: Ying SY, Chang DC, Lin SL
The microRNA (miRNA): overview of the RNA genes that modulate gene function.
Mol Biotechnol 38: 257-68 (2008)
PM ID: 17999201
13: Kristal AR, Arnold KB, Schenk JM, Neuhouser ML, Goodman PJ, Penson DF, Thompson IM
Dietary patterns, supplement use, and the risk of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia: results from the prostate cancer prevention trial.
Am J Epidemiol 167: 925-34 (2008)
PM ID: 18263602
14: Shariat SF, Skinner EC, Montorsi F
A Tribute to John P. Stein (1962-2008) Surgeon, scientist, teacher, and humanist.
Eur Urol 54: 479 (2008)
PM ID: 18524466
15: Penson DF, McLerran D, Feng Z, Li L, Albertsen PC, Gilliland FD, Hamilton A, Hoffman RM, Stephenson RA, Potosky AL, Stanford JL
5-year urinary and sexual outcomes after radical prostatectomy: results from the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study.
J Urol 179: S40-4 (2008)
PM ID: 18405749
16: Stein JP, Penson DF
The invasive T1 bladder tumor: contemporary issues and rationale for radical cystectomy.
Curr Urol Rep 9: 179-81 (2008)
PM ID: 18765110
17: Penson DF
Assessing the quality of prostate cancer care.
Curr Opin Urol 18: 297-302 (2008)
PM ID: 18382239
18: Templeman C, Marshall SF, Ursin G, Horn-Ross PL, Clarke CA, Allen M, Deapen D, Ziogas A, Reynolds P, Cress R, Anton-Culver H, West D, Ross RK, Bernstein L
Adenomyosis and endometriosis in the California Teachers Study.
Fertil Steril 90: 415-24 (2008)
PM ID: 17919609
19: Pearce CL, Van Den Berg DJ, Makridakis NM, Reichardt JK, Ross RK, Pike MC, Kolonel LN, Henderson BE
No association between the SRD5A2 gene A49T missense variant and prostate cancer risk: lessons learned.
Hum Mol Genet 17: 2456-61 (2008)
PM ID: 18469342 PMC2722885
20: Huang GJ, Hamilton AS, Lo M, Stein JP, Penson DF
Predictors of intravesical therapy for nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer: results from the surveillance, epidemiology and end results program 2003 patterns of care project.
J Urol 180: 520-4; discussion 524 (2008)
PM ID: 18550088
21: Tuazon ED, Banks K, Koh CJ, De Filippo RE, Chang A, Hardy BE, Cortessis VK
Re: Prepubertal orchiopexy for cryptorchidism may be associated with lower risk of testicular cancer.
J Urol 180: 783-4; author reply 784-5 (2008)
PM ID: 18555491
22: Stein JP, Penson DF
Invasive T1 bladder cancer: indications and rationale for radical cystectomy.
BJU Int 102: 270-5 (2008)
PM ID: 18494831
23: Neuhouser ML, Schenk JM, Song YJ, Tangen CM, Goodman PJ, Pollak M, Penson DF, Thompson IM, Kristal AR
Insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and risk of benign prostate hyperplasia in the prostate cancer prevention trial.
Prostate 68: 1477-86 (2008)
PM ID: 18618736 PMC2564287 NIHMS66183
24: Lin SL, Chang DC, Chang-Lin S, Lin CH, Wu DT, Chen DT, Ying SY
Mir-302 reprograms human skin cancer cells into a pluripotent ES-cell-like state.
RNA 14: 2115-24 (2008)
PM ID: 18755840 PMC2553732
25: Tagawa ST, Dorff TB, Rochanda L, Ye W, Boyle S, Raghavan D, Lieskovsky G, Skinner DG, Quinn DI, Liebman HA
Subclinical haemostatic activation and current surgeon volume predict bleeding with open radical retropubic prostatectomy.
BJU Int 102: 1086-91 (2008)
PM ID: 18671791
26: Fu Y, Wey S, Wang M, Ye R, Liao CP, Roy-Burman P, Lee AS
Pten null prostate tumorigenesis and AKT activation are blocked by targeted knockout of ER chaperone GRP78/BiP in prostate epithelium.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105: 19444-9 (2008)
PM ID: 19033462 PMC2614780
27: Mitra AP, Cote RJ
Molecular pathogenesis and diagnostics of bladder cancer.
Annu Rev Pathol 4: 251-85 (2009)
PM ID: 18840072
28: Haga K, Tomioka A, Liao CP, Kimura T, Matsumoto H, Ohno I, Hermann K, Logg CR, Jiao J, Tanaka M, Hirao Y, Wu H, Kruse CA, Roy-Burman P, Kasahara N
PTEN knockout prostate cancer as a model for experimental immunotherapy.
J Urol 181: 354-62 (2009)
PM ID: 19010487 PMC2838731 NIHMS175651
29: Youssef RF, Mitra AP, Bartsch G, Jones PA, Skinner DG, Cote RJ
Molecular targets and targeted therapies in bladder cancer management.
World J Urol 27: 9-20 (2009)
PM ID: 19039591
30: Dorff TB, Tsao-Wei D, Miranda G, Skinner DG, Stein JP, Quinn DI
Adjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced urothelial carcinoma: an overview of the USC experience.
World J Urol 27: 39-44 (2009)
PM ID: 19020886
31: Skinner EC, Skinner DG
Does reflux in orthotopic diversion matter? A randomized prospective comparison of the Studer and T-pouch ileal neobladders.
World J Urol 27: 51-5 (2009)
PM ID: 19002689
32: Yu X, Wang Y, Jiang M, Bierie B, Roy-Burman P, Shen MM, Taketo MM, Wills M, Matusik RJ
Activation of beta-Catenin in mouse prostate causes HGPIN and continuous prostate growth after castration.
Prostate 69: 249-62 (2009)
PM ID: 18991257
33: Skinner DG
Management of bladder cancer and urinary tract reconstruction : dedicated to the memory of John P. Stein, 14 June 1962-11 April 2008.
World J Urol 27: 1-2 (2009)
PM ID: 19083002
34: Huang GJ, Kim PH, Skinner DG, Stein JP
Outcomes of patients with clinical CIS-only disease treated with radical cystectomy.
World J Urol 27: 21-5 (2009)
PM ID: 19066905
35: Jariwala U, Cogan JP, Jia L, Frenkel B, Coetzee GA
Inhibition of AR-mediated transcription by binding of Oct1 to a motif enriched in AR-occupied regions.
Prostate 69: 392-400 (2009)
PM ID: 19058140 PMC2743387 NIHMS129716
36: Fujino Y, Liao CP, Zhao YS, Pan J, Mathes LE, Hayes KA, Ohno K, Tsujimoto H, Roy-Burman P
Identification of a novel common proviral integration site, flit-1, in feline leukemia virus induced thymic lymphoma.
Virology 386: 16-22 (2009)
PM ID: 19203775
37: Balic M, Pichler M, Strutz J, Heitzer E, Ausch C, Samonigg H, Cote RJ, Dandachi N
High quality assessment of DNA methylation in archival tissues from colorectal cancer patients using quantitative high-resolution melting analysis.
J Mol Diagn 11: 102-8 (2009)
PM ID: 19179456 PMC2665859
38: Stein JP, Penson DF, Lee C, Cai J, Miranda G, Skinner DG
Long-term oncological outcomes in women undergoing radical cystectomy and orthotopic diversion for bladder cancer.
J Urol 181: 2052-8; discussion 2058-9 (2009)
PM ID: 19286213
39: Nichol MB, Knight TK, Wu J, Barron R, Penson DF
Evaluating use patterns of and adherence to medications for benign prostatic hyperplasia.
J Urol 181: 2214-21; discussion 2221-2 (2009)
PM ID: 19296986
40: Penson DF, Wessells H, Cleary P, Rutledge BN, Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications Research Group
Sexual dysfunction and symptom impact in men with long-standing type 1 diabetes in the DCCT/EDIC cohort.
J Sex Med 6: 1969-78 (2009)
PM ID: 19453899 PMC2861494 NIHMS193749
41: Pomerantz MM, Ahmadiyeh N, Jia L, Herman P, Verzi MP, Doddapaneni H, Beckwith CA, Chan JA, Hills A, Davis M, Yao K, Kehoe SM, Lenz HJ, Haiman CA, Yan C, Henderson BE, Frenkel B, Barretina J, Bass A, Tabernero J, Baselga J, Regan MM, Manak JR, Shivdasani R, Coetzee GA, Freedman ML
The 8q24 cancer risk variant rs6983267 shows long-range interaction with MYC in colorectal cancer.
Nat Genet 41: 882-4 (2009)
PM ID: 19561607 PMC2763485 NIHMS120360
42: Mitra AP, Pagliarulo V, Yang D, Waldman FM, Datar RH, Skinner DG, Groshen S, Cote RJ
Generation of a concise gene panel for outcome prediction in urinary bladder cancer.
J Clin Oncol 27: 3929-37 (2009)
PM ID: 19620494 PMC2799152
43: Jia L, Landan G, Pomerantz M, Jaschek R, Herman P, Reich D, Yan C, Khalid O, Kantoff P, Oh W, Manak JR, Berman BP, Henderson BE, Frenkel B, Haiman CA, Freedman M, Tanay A, Coetzee GA
Functional enhancers at the gene-poor 8q24 cancer-linked locus.
PLoS Genet 5: e1000597 (2009)
PM ID: 19680443 PMC2717370
44: Peters AA, Buchanan G, Ricciardelli C, Bianco-Miotto T, Centenera MM, Harris JM, Jindal S, Segara D, Jia L, Moore NL, Henshall SM, Birrell SN, Coetzee GA, Sutherland RL, Butler LM, Tilley WD
Androgen receptor inhibits estrogen receptor-alpha activity and is prognostic in breast cancer.
Cancer Res 69: 6131-40 (2009)
PM ID: 19638585
45: Stein JP, Hautmann RE, Penson D, Skinner DG
Prostate-sparing cystectomy: a review of the oncologic and functional outcomes. Contraindicated in patients with bladder cancer.
Urol Oncol 27: 466-72 (2009)
PM ID: 18848788
46: Ramsey SD, Zeliadt SB, Arora NK, Potosky AL, Blough DK, Hamilton AS, Van Den Eeden SK, Oakley-Girvan I, Penson DF
Access to information sources and treatment considerations among men with local stage prostate cancer.
Urology 74: 509-15 (2009)
PM ID: 19589564 PMC2748115 NIHMS130886
47: Shariat SF, Lotan Y, Karakiewicz PI, Ashfaq R, Isbarn H, Fradet Y, Bastian PJ, Nielsen ME, Capitanio U, Jeldres C, Montorsi F, Müller SC, Karam JA, Heukamp LC, Netto G, Lerner SP, Sagalowsky AI, Cote RJ
p53 predictive value for pT1-2 N0 disease at radical cystectomy.
J Urol 182: 907-13 (2009)
PM ID: 19616250
48: Yoo J, Kang J, Lee HN, Aguilar B, Kafka D, Lee S, Choi I, Lee J, Ramu S, Haas J, Koh CJ, Hong YK
Kaposin-B enhances the PROX1 mRNA stability during lymphatic reprogramming of vascular endothelial cells by Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus.
PLoS Pathog 6: e1001046 (2010)
PM ID: 20730087 PMC2921153
49: Coetzee GA, Jia L, Frenkel B, Henderson BE, Tanay A, Haiman CA, Freedman ML
A systematic approach to understand the functional consequences of non-protein coding risk regions.
Cell Cycle 9: 256-9 (2010)
PM ID: 20023379 PMC3319348 NIHMS231263
50: Chung S, Kang DO, Yamzon J, Warburton D, Koh CJ
O-GlcNAc mediated glycosylation down-regulation in mice with cyclophosphamide induced cystitis.
J Urol 183: 351-6 (2010)
PM ID: 19914650 PMC2840040 NIHMS174567
51: Shariat SF, Bolenz C, Karakiewicz PI, Fradet Y, Ashfaq R, Bastian PJ, Nielsen ME, Capitanio U, Jeldres C, Rigaud J, Müller SC, Lerner SP, Montorsi F, Sagalowsky AI, Cote RJ, Lotan Y
p53 expression in patients with advanced urothelial cancer of the urinary bladder.
BJU Int 105: 489-95 (2010)
PM ID: 19659466
52: Lim M, Zhong C, Yang S, Bell AM, Cohen MB, Roy-Burman P
Runx2 regulates survivin expression in prostate cancer cells.
Lab Invest 90: 222-33 (2010)
PM ID: 19949374 PMC2815261 NIHMS145799
53: Jiang M, Fernandez S, Jerome WG, He Y, Yu X, Cai H, Boone B, Yi Y, Magnuson MA, Roy-Burman P, Matusik RJ, Shappell SB, Hayward SW
Disruption of PPARgamma signaling results in mouse prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia involving active autophagy.
Cell Death Differ 17: 469-81 (2010)
PM ID: 19834493 PMC2821953 NIHMS143868
54: Wolff EM, Byun HM, Han HF, Sharma S, Nichols PW, Siegmund KD, Yang AS, Jones PA, Liang G
Hypomethylation of a LINE-1 promoter activates an alternate transcript of the MET oncogene in bladders with cancer.
PLoS Genet 6: e1000917 (2010)
PM ID: 20421991 PMC2858672
55: Skinner EC
Editorial comment.
Urology 75: 1120; author reply 1120-1 (2010)
PM ID: 20451729
56: Ahmadiyeh N, Pomerantz MM, Grisanzio C, Herman P, Jia L, Almendro V, He HH, Brown M, Liu XS, Davis M, Caswell JL, Beckwith CA, Hills A, Macconaill L, Coetzee GA, Regan MM, Freedman ML
8q24 prostate, breast, and colon cancer risk loci show tissue-specific long-range interaction with MYC.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107: 9742-6 (2010)
PM ID: 20453196 PMC2906844
57: Berman BP, Frenkel B, Coetzee GA, Jia L
Androgen receptor responsive enhancers are flanked by consistently-positioned H3-acetylated nucleosomes.
Cell Cycle 9: 2249-50 (2010)
PM ID: 20495358
58: Lee CN, Jang JB, Kim JY, Koh C, Baek JY, Lee KJ
Human cord blood stem cell therapy for treatment of stress urinary incontinence.
J Korean Med Sci 25: 813-6 (2010)
PM ID: 20514298 PMC2877237
59: Ramsey SD, Zeliadt SB, Arora NK, Blough DK, Penson DF, Oakley-Girvan I, Hamilton AS, Van Den Eeden SK, Fedorenko CR, Potosky AL
Unanticipated and underappreciated outcomes during management of local stage prostate cancer: a prospective survey.
J Urol 184: 120-5 (2010)
PM ID: 20478590
60: Kang J, Yoo J, Lee S, Tang W, Aguilar B, Ramu S, Choi I, Otu HH, Shin JW, Dotto GP, Koh CJ, Detmar M, Hong YK
An exquisite cross-control mechanism among endothelial cell fate regulators directs the plasticity and heterogeneity of lymphatic endothelial cells.
Blood 116: 140-50 (2010)
PM ID: 20351309 PMC2904577
61: Tilki D, Reich O, Karakiewicz PI, Novara G, Kassouf W, Ergün S, Fradet Y, Ficarra V, Sonpavde G, Stief CG, Skinner E, Svatek RS, Lotan Y, Sagalowsky AI, Shariat SF
Validation of the AJCC TNM substaging of pT2 bladder cancer: deep muscle invasion is associated with significantly worse outcome.
Eur Urol 58: 112-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20097469
62: Zeliadt SB, Ramsey SD, Van Den Eeden SK, Hamilton AS, Oakley-Girvan I, Penson DF, Fairweather ME, Arora NK, Potosky AL
Patient recruitment methods to evaluate treatment decision making for localized prostate cancer.
Am J Clin Oncol 33: 381-6 (2010)
PM ID: 20010079
63: Skinner EC
Editorial comment.
Urology 76: 263-4; discussion 264 (2010)
PM ID: 20696326
64: Dorin RP, Skinner EC
Extended lymphadenectomy in bladder cancer.
Curr Opin Urol 20: 414-20 (2010)
PM ID: 20657290
65: Svatek RS, Shariat SF, Lasky RE, Skinner EC, Novara G, Lerner SP, Fradet Y, Bastian PJ, Kassouf W, Karakiewicz PI, Fritsche HM, Müller SC, Izawa JI, Ficarra V, Sagalowsky AI, Schoenberg MP, Siefker-Radtke AO, Millikan RE, Dinney CP
The effectiveness of off-protocol adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder.
Clin Cancer Res 16: 4461-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20651056
66: Liao CP, Adisetiyo H, Liang M, Roy-Burman P
Cancer-associated fibroblasts enhance the gland-forming capability of prostate cancer stem cells.
Cancer Res 70: 7294-303 (2010)
PM ID: 20807814 PMC2940948 NIHMS226495
67: Parsa S, Kuremoto K, Seidel K, Tabatabai R, Mackenzie B, Yamaza T, Akiyama K, Branch J, Koh CJ, Al Alam D, Klein OD, Bellusci S
Signaling by FGFR2b controls the regenerative capacity of adult mouse incisors.
Development 137: 3743-52 (2010)
PM ID: 20978072 PMC3049274
68: Eisenberg MS, Dorin RP, Bartsch G, Cai J, Miranda G, Skinner EC
Early complications of cystectomy after high dose pelvic radiation.
J Urol 184: 2264-9 (2010)
PM ID: 20952024
69: Koh CJ, De Filippo RE, Chang AY, Hardy BE, Berger A, Eisenberg M, Patil M, Aron M, Gill IS, Desai MM
Laparoendoscopic single-site nephrectomy in pediatric patients: initial clinical series of infants to adolescents.
Urology 76: 1457-61 (2010)
PM ID: 20970837
70: Jeong JH, Bhatia A, Toth Z, Oh S, Inn KS, Liao CP, Roy-Burman P, Melamed J, Coetzee GA, Jung JU
TPL2/COT/MAP3K8 (TPL2) activation promotes androgen depletion-independent (ADI) prostate cancer growth.
PLoS One 6: e16205 (2011)
PM ID: 21267413 PMC3022761
71: Lee E, Nichols P, Groshen S, Spicer D, Lee AS
GRP78 as potential predictor for breast cancer response to adjuvant taxane therapy.
Int J Cancer 128: 726-31 (2011)
PM ID: 20473863 PMC2972376 NIHMS216547
72: Hamilton AS, Albertsen PC, Johnson TK, Hoffman R, Morrell D, Deapen D, Penson DF
Trends in the treatment of localized prostate cancer using supplemented cancer registry data.
BJU Int 107: 576-84 (2011)
PM ID: 20735387
73: Svatek RS, Shariat SF, Novara G, Skinner EC, Fradet Y, Bastian PJ, Kamat AM, Kassouf W, Karakiewicz PI, Fritsche HM, Izawa JI, Tilki D, Ficarra V, Volkmer BG, Isbarn H, Dinney CP
Discrepancy between clinical and pathological stage: external validation of the impact on prognosis in an international radical cystectomy cohort.
BJU Int 107: 898-904 (2011)
PM ID: 21244604
74: Thong MS, Van De Poll-Franse L, Hoffman RM, Albertsen PC, Hamilton AS, Stanford JL, Penson DF
Diabetes mellitus and health-related quality of life in prostate cancer: 5-year results from the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study.
BJU Int 107: 1223-31 (2011)
PM ID: 21070583 PMC3292346 NIHMS252605
75: Pogoda JM, Nichols PW, Ross RK, Stram DO, Thomas DC, Preston-Martin S
Diagnostic radiography and adult acute myeloid leukaemia: an interview and medical chart review study.
Br J Cancer 104: 1482-6 (2011)
PM ID: 21522150 PMC3101931
76: Kokorowski P, De Filippo RE, Koh CJ
Editorial comment.
Urology 77: 1253; author reply 1253 (2011)
PM ID: 21539975
77: Davis-Dao CA, Siegmund KD, Vandenberg DJ, Skinner EC, Coetzee GA, Thomas DC, Pike MC, Cortessis VK
Heterogenous effect of androgen receptor CAG tract length on testicular germ cell tumor risk: shorter repeats associated with seminoma but not other histologic types.
Carcinogenesis 32: 1238-43 (2011)
PM ID: 21642359 PMC3202310
78: Skinner EC
Choosing the right urinary diversion: patient's choice or surgeon's inclination?
Urol Oncol 29: 473-5 (2011)
PM ID: 21396838
79: Birkhahn M, Penson DF, Cai J, Groshen S, Stein JP, Lieskovsky G, Skinner DG, Cote RJ
Long-term outcome in patients with a Gleason score ≤ 6 prostate cancer treated by radical prostatectomy.
BJU Int 108: 660-4 (2011)
PM ID: 21223479
80: Zehnder P, Studer UE, Skinner EC, Dorin RP, Cai J, Roth B, Miranda G, Birkhäuser F, Stein J, Burkhard FC, Daneshmand S, Thalmann GN, Gill IS, Skinner DG
Super extended versus extended pelvic lymph node dissection in patients undergoing radical cystectomy for bladder cancer: a comparative study.
J Urol 186: 1261-8 (2011)
PM ID: 21849183
81: Lim M, Chuong CM, Roy-Burman P
PI3K, Erk signaling in BMP7-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of PC-3 prostate cancer cells in 2- and 3-dimensional cultures.
Horm Cancer 2: 298-309 (2011)
PM ID: 21948155
82: Behan JW, Kim SS, Dorey F, De Filippo RE, Chang AY, Hardy BE, Koh CJ
Human capital gains associated with robotic assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty in children compared to open pyeloplasty.
J Urol 186: 1663-7 (2011)
PM ID: 21862079
83: Dorin RP, Daneshmand S, Eisenberg MS, Chandrasoma S, Cai J, Miranda G, Nichols PW, Skinner DG, Skinner EC
Lymph node dissection technique is more important than lymph node count in identifying nodal metastases in radical cystectomy patients: a comparative mapping study.
Eur Urol 60: 946-52 (2011)
PM ID: 21802833
84: Han H, Cortez CC, Yang X, Nichols PW, Jones PA, Liang G
DNA methylation directly silences genes with non-CpG island promoters and establishes a nucleosome occupied promoter.
Hum Mol Genet 20: 4299-310 (2011)
PM ID: 21835883 PMC3196883
85: Andreu-Vieyra C, Lai J, Berman BP, Frenkel B, Jia L, Jones PA, Coetzee GA
Dynamic nucleosome-depleted regions at androgen receptor enhancers in the absence of ligand in prostate cancer cells.
Mol Cell Biol 31: 4648-62 (2011)
PM ID: 21969603 PMC3232925
86: Skinner EC
Challenges in the modern treatment of muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Oncology (Williston Park) 25: 1405-6 (2011)
PM ID: 22329192
87: Garlick DS, Li J, Sansoucy B, Wang T, Griffith L, Fitzgerald T, Butterfield J, Charbonneau B, Violette SM, Weinreb PH, Ratliff TL, Liao CP, Roy-Burman P, Vietri M, Lian JB, Stein GS, Altieri DC, Languino LR
α(V)β(6) integrin expression is induced in the POET and Pten(pc-/-) mouse models of prostatic inflammation and prostatic adenocarcinoma.
Am J Transl Res 4: 165-74 (2012)
PM ID: 22611469 PMC3353537
88: Yoo J, Lee HN, Choi I, Choi D, Chung HK, Kim KE, Lee S, Aguilar B, Kang J, Park E, Lee YS, Maeng YS, Kim NY, Koh CJ, Hong YK
Opposing regulation of PROX1 by interleukin-3 receptor and NOTCH directs differential host cell fate reprogramming by Kaposi sarcoma herpes virus.
PLoS Pathog 8: e1002770 (2012)
PM ID: 22719258 PMC3375311
89: Banks K, Tuazon E, Berhane K, Koh CJ, De Filippo RE, Chang A, Kim SS, Daneshmand S, Davis-Dao C, Lewinger JP, Bernstein L, Cortessis VK
Cryptorchidism and testicular germ cell tumors: comprehensive meta-analysis reveals that association between these conditions diminished over time and is modified by clinical characteristics.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 3: 182 (2012)
PM ID: 23423470 PMC3574983
90: Desai MM, Berger AK, Brandina RR, Zehnder P, Simmons M, Aron M, Skinner EC, Gill IS
Robotic and laparoscopic high extended pelvic lymph node dissection during radical cystectomy: technique and outcomes.
Eur Urol 61: 350-5 (2012)
PM ID: 22036642
91: Rubino B, Dorin R, Naemi K, Skinner EC
A 37-year-old man with a history of bladder augmentation presented with gross hematuria, weight loss and flank pain.
Urology 79: 256-9 (2012)
PM ID: 22001101
92: Choi I, Lee S, Kyoung Chung H, Suk Lee Y, Eui Kim K, Choi D, Park EK, Yang D, Ecoiffier T, Monahan J, Chen W, Aguilar B, Lee HN, Yoo J, Koh CJ, Chen L, Wong AK, Hong YK
9-cis retinoic acid promotes lymphangiogenesis and enhances lymphatic vessel regeneration: therapeutic implications of 9-cis retinoic acid for secondary lymphedema.
Circulation 125: 872-82 (2012)
PM ID: 22275501 PMC3327127 NIHMS357408
93: Mitra AP, Quinn DI, Dorff TB, Skinner EC, Schuckman AK, Miranda G, Gill IS, Daneshmand S
Factors influencing post-recurrence survival in bladder cancer following radical cystectomy.
BJU Int 109: 846-54 (2012)
PM ID: 21812902
94: Kim PH, Patil MB, Kim SS, Dorey F, De Filippo RE, Chang AY, Hardy BE, Gill IS, Desai MM, Koh CJ
Early comparison of nephrectomy options in children (open, transperitoneal laparoscopic, laparo-endoscopic single site (LESS), and robotic surgery).
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