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Total Number of Publications: 132 (At least 1 author in this program)
Inter Programmatic Publications: 65 (A collaboration outside the least 1 author in the program, and at least 1 author out of the program)
Intra Programmatic Publications: 0 (A collaboration within the least 2 authors in the program)

1: Millard M, Pathania D, Shabaik Y, Taheri L, Deng J, Neamati N
Preclinical evaluation of novel triphenylphosphonium salts with broad-spectrum activity.
PLoS One 5: (2010)
PM ID: 20957228 PMC2949386
2: Kapranov P, St Laurent G, Raz T, Ozsolak F, Reynolds CP, Sorensen PH, Reaman G, Milos P, Arceci RJ, Thompson JF, Triche TJ
The majority of total nuclear-encoded non-ribosomal RNA in a human cell is 'dark matter' un-annotated RNA.
BMC Biol 8: 149 (2010)
PM ID: 21176148 PMC3022773
3: Birkhahn M, Mitra AP, Williams AJ, Lam G, Ye W, Datar RH, Balic M, Groshen S, Steven KE, Cote RJ
Predicting recurrence and progression of noninvasive papillary bladder cancer at initial presentation based on quantitative gene expression profiles.
Eur Urol 57: 12-20 (2010)
PM ID: 19762144 PMC2828516 NIHMS144072
4: Shariat SF, Bolenz C, Karakiewicz PI, Fradet Y, Ashfaq R, Bastian PJ, Nielsen ME, Capitanio U, Jeldres C, Rigaud J, Müller SC, Lerner SP, Montorsi F, Sagalowsky AI, Cote RJ, Lotan Y
p53 expression in patients with advanced urothelial cancer of the urinary bladder.
BJU Int 105: 489-95 (2010)
PM ID: 19659466
5: Smith MA, Morton CL, Kolb EA, Gorlick R, Keir ST, Carol H, Lock R, Kang MH, Reynolds CP, Maris JM, Watkins AE, Houghton PJ
Initial testing (stage 1) of mapatumumab (HGS-ETR1) by the pediatric preclinical testing program.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 307-10 (2010)
PM ID: 19856388 PMC2794954 NIHMS123744
6: Yamada R, Kostova MB, Anchoori RK, Xu S, Neamati N, Khan SR
Biological evaluation of paclitaxel-peptide conjugates as a model for MMP2-targeted drug delivery.
Cancer Biol Ther 9: 192-203 (2010)
PM ID: 20023432
7: Sanam R, Tajne S, Gundla R, Vadivelan S, Machiraju PK, Dayam R, Narasu L, Jagarlapudi S, Neamati N
Combined pharmacophore and structure-guided studies to identify diverse HSP90 inhibitors.
J Mol Graph Model 28: 472-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20005756
8: Dunkel IJ, Jubran RF, Gururangan S, Chantada GL, Finlay JL, Goldman S, Khakoo Y, O'Brien JM, Orjuela M, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Souweidane MM, Abramson DH
Trilateral retinoblastoma: potentially curable with intensive chemotherapy.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 384-7 (2010)
PM ID: 19908299
9: Dunkel IJ, Gardner SL, Garvin JH, Goldman S, Shi W, Finlay JL
High-dose carboplatin, thiotepa, and etoposide with autologous stem cell rescue for patients with previously irradiated recurrent medulloblastoma.
Neuro Oncol 12: 297-303 (2010)
PM ID: 20167818 PMC2940591
10: Serowka K, Chiu Y, Gonzalez I, Gilles F, McComb G, Krieger M, Dhall G, Britt B, Ji L, Sposto R, Finlay JL
Central nervous system (CNS) tumors in the first six months of life: the Children's Hospital Los Angeles experience, 1979-2005.
Pediatr Hematol Oncol 27: 90-102 (2010)
PM ID: 20201690
11: da Silva NS, Cappellano AM, Diez B, Cavalheiro S, Gardner S, Wisoff J, Kellie S, Parker R, Garvin J, Finlay J
Primary chemotherapy for intracranial germ cell tumors: results of the third international CNS germ cell tumor study.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 377-83 (2010)
PM ID: 20063410
12: Sands SA, Oberg JA, Gardner SL, Whiteley JA, Glade-Bender JL, Finlay JL
Neuropsychological functioning of children treated with intensive chemotherapy followed by myeloablative consolidation chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic cell rescue for newly diagnosed CNS tumors: an analysis of the Head Start II survivors.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 429-36 (2010)
PM ID: 20052775
13: Shamberger RC, Anderson JR, Breslow NE, Perlman EJ, Beckwith JB, Ritchey ML, Haase GM, Donaldson M, Grundy PE, Weetman R, Coppes MJ, Malogolowkin M, Shearer PD, Kletzel M, Thomas PR, Macklis R, Huff V, Weeks DA, Green DM
Long-term outcomes for infants with very low risk Wilms tumor treated with surgery alone in National Wilms Tumor Study-5.
Ann Surg 251: 555-8 (2010)
PM ID: 20142733 PMC2836016 NIHMS169913
14: Grimminger PP, Schneider PM, Metzger R, Vallböhmer D, Danenberg KD, Danenberg PV, Hölscher AH, Brabender J
Ornithine decarboxylase mRNA expression in curatively resected non-small-cell lung cancer.
Clin Lung Cancer 11: 114-9 (2010)
PM ID: 20199977
15: Kuramochi H, Hayashi K, Nakajima G, Kamikozuru H, Yamamoto M, Danenberg KD, Danenberg PV
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mRNA levels and protein expression levels in primary colorectal cancer and corresponding liver metastases.
Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 65: 825-31 (2010)
PM ID: 19701635
16: Wolff EM, Byun HM, Han HF, Sharma S, Nichols PW, Siegmund KD, Yang AS, Jones PA, Liang G
Hypomethylation of a LINE-1 promoter activates an alternate transcript of the MET oncogene in bladders with cancer.
PLoS Genet 6: e1000917 (2010)
PM ID: 20421991 PMC2858672
17: Si SJ, Khatua S, Dhall G, Nelson MD, Gonzalez-Gomez I, Finlay JL
Regression of primary central nervous system germinoma after dexamethasone administration: a case report.
Pediatr Hematol Oncol 27: 237-43 (2010)
PM ID: 20367268
18: Tabori U, Shlien A, Baskin B, Levitt S, Ray P, Alon N, Hawkins C, Bouffet E, Pienkowska M, Lafay-Cousin L, Gozali A, Zhukova N, Shane L, Gonzalez I, Finlay J, Malkin D
TP53 alterations determine clinical subgroups and survival of patients with choroid plexus tumors.
J Clin Oncol 28: 1995-2001 (2010)
PM ID: 20308654
19: Finlay JL, Massimino M
A consensus and state-of-the-art workshop: marrow ablative chemotherapy with hematopoietic cell rescue for malignant brain tumors of childhood and adolescence.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 634 (2010)
PM ID: 20146221
20: Massimino M, Cohen KJ, Finlay JL
Is there a role for myeloablative chemotherapy with autologous hematopoietic cell rescue in the management of childhood high-grade astrocytomas?
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 641-3 (2010)
PM ID: 20146219
21: Rutkowski S, Cohen B, Finlay J, Luksch R, Ridola V, Valteau-Couanet D, Hara J, Garre ML, Grill J
Medulloblastoma in young children.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 635-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20146217
22: Les AS, Shadden SC, Figueroa CA, Park JM, Tedesco MM, Herfkens RJ, Dalman RL, Taylor CA
Quantification of hemodynamics in abdominal aortic aneurysms during rest and exercise using magnetic resonance imaging and computational fluid dynamics.
Ann Biomed Eng 38: 1288-313 (2010)
PM ID: 20143263
23: Romero RM, Eriksen SP, Haworth IS
Quantitative assessment of assisted problem-based learning in a pharmaceutics course.
Am J Pharm Educ 74: 66 (2010)
PM ID: 20585427 PMC2879117
24: Kang HG, Jenabi JM, Liu XF, Reynolds CP, Triche TJ, Sorensen PH
Inhibition of the insulin-like growth factor I receptor by epigallocatechin gallate blocks proliferation and induces the death of Ewing tumor cells.
Mol Cancer Ther 9: 1396-407 (2010)
PM ID: 20423994
25: Cheng Z, De Jesus OP, Kramer DJ, De A, Webster JM, Gheysens O, Levi J, Namavari M, Wang S, Park JM, Zhang R, Liu H, Lee B, Syud FA, Gambhir SS
64Cu-labeled affibody molecules for imaging of HER2 expressing tumors.
Mol Imaging Biol 12: 316-24 (2010)
PM ID: 19779897
26: Jao CC, Hegde BG, Gallop JL, Hegde PB, McMahon HT, Haworth IS, Langen R
Roles of amphipathic helices and the bin/amphiphysin/rvs (BAR) domain of endophilin in membrane curvature generation.
J Biol Chem 285: 20164-70 (2010)
PM ID: 20418375 PMC2888429
27: Horton TM, Sposto R, Brown P, Reynolds CP, Hunger SP, Winick NJ, Raetz EA, Carroll WL, Arceci RJ, Borowitz MJ, Gaynon PS, Gore L, Jeha S, Maurer BJ, Siegel SE, Biondi A, Kearns PR, Narendran A, Silverman LB, Smith MA, Zwaan CM, Whitlock JA, ALLNA 2008 Conference
Toxicity assessment of molecularly targeted drugs incorporated into multiagent chemotherapy regimens for pediatric acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL): review from an international consensus conference.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 54: 872-8 (2010)
PM ID: 20127846 PMC2857540 NIHMS163748
28: Khatua S, Dhall G, O'Neil S, Jubran R, Villablanca JG, Marachelian A, Nastia A, Lavey R, Olch AJ, Gonzalez I, Gilles F, Nelson M, Panigrahy A, McComb G, Krieger M, Fan J, Sposto R, Finlay JL
Treatment of primary CNS germinomatous germ cell tumors with chemotherapy prior to reduced dose whole ventricular and local boost irradiation.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 55: 42-6 (2010)
PM ID: 20222020
29: Moreno L, Pollack IF, Duffner PK, Geyer JR, Grill J, Massimino M, Finlay JL, Zacharoulis S
Utility of cerebrospinal fluid cytology in newly diagnosed childhood ependymoma.
J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 32: 515-8 (2010)
PM ID: 20463607
30: Holt N, Wang J, Kim K, Friedman G, Wang X, Taupin V, Crooks GM, Kohn DB, Gregory PD, Holmes MC, Cannon PM
Human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells modified by zinc-finger nucleases targeted to CCR5 control HIV-1 in vivo.
Nat Biotechnol 28: 839-47 (2010)
PM ID: 20601939 PMC3080757 NIHMS216984
31: Souweidane MM, Krieger MD, Weiner HL, Finlay JL
Surgical management of primary central nervous system germ cell tumors: proceedings from the Second International Symposium on Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors.
J Neurosurg Pediatr 6: 125-30 (2010)
PM ID: 20672932
32: Hoffmann AC, Wild P, Leicht C, Bertz S, Danenberg KD, Danenberg PV, Stöhr R, Stöckle M, Lehmann J, Schuler M, Hartmann A
MDR1 and ERCC1 expression predict outcome of patients with locally advanced bladder cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy.
Neoplasia 12: 628-36 (2010)
PM ID: 20689757 PMC2915407
33: Yu AL, Gilman AL, Ozkaynak MF, London WB, Kreissman SG, Chen HX, Smith M, Anderson B, Villablanca JG, Matthay KK, Shimada H, Grupp SA, Seeger R, Reynolds CP, Buxton A, Reisfeld RA, Gillies SD, Cohn SL, Maris JM, Sondel PM, Children's Oncology Group
Anti-GD2 antibody with GM-CSF, interleukin-2, and isotretinoin for neuroblastoma.
N Engl J Med 363: 1324-34 (2010)
PM ID: 20879881 PMC3086629 NIHMS245842
34: Baker DL, Schmidt ML, Cohn SL, Maris JM, London WB, Buxton A, Stram D, Castleberry RP, Shimada H, Sandler A, Shamberger RC, Look AT, Reynolds CP, Seeger RC, Matthay KK, Children’s Oncology Group
Outcome after reduced chemotherapy for intermediate-risk neuroblastoma.
N Engl J Med 363: 1313-23 (2010)
PM ID: 20879880 PMC2993160 NIHMS246674
35: Beaty O, Berg S, Blaney S, Malogolowkin M, Krailo M, Knight R, Schaiquevich P, Stewart C, Chen Z, Nelson M, Voss S, Ivy SP, Adamson PC
A phase II trial and pharmacokinetic study of oxaliplatin in children with refractory solid tumors: a Children's Oncology Group study.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 55: 440-5 (2010)
PM ID: 20658614
36: Grimminger PP, Schneider PM, Metzger R, Vallböhmer D, Hölscher AH, Danenberg PV, Brabender J
Low thymidylate synthase, thymidine phosphorylase, and dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase mRNA expression correlate with prolonged survival in resected non-small-cell lung cancer.
Clin Lung Cancer 11: 328-34 (2010)
PM ID: 20837458
37: Grimminger PP, Schneider PM, Metzger R, Vallböhmer D, Danenberg KD, Danenberg PV, Hölscher AH, Brabender J
The prognostic role of Bcl-2 mRNA expression in curatively resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
Lung Cancer 70: 82-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20064672
38: Cai W, Maldonado NV, Cui W, Harutyunyan N, Ji L, Sposto R, Reynolds CP, Keshelava N
Activity of irinotecan and temozolomide in the presence of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase inhibition in neuroblastoma pre-clinical models.
Br J Cancer 103: 1369-79 (2010)
PM ID: 20924375 PMC2990610
39: Ramkumar K, Serrao E, Odde S, Neamati N
HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: 2007-2008 update.
Med Res Rev 30: 890-954 (2010)
PM ID: 20135632
40: Mori R, Dorff TB, Xiong S, Tarabolous CJ, Ye W, Groshen S, Danenberg KD, Danenberg PV, Pinski JK
The relationship between proangiogenic gene expression levels in prostate cancer and their prognostic value for clinical outcomes.
Prostate 70: 1692-700 (2010)
PM ID: 20564320
41: Shusterman S, London WB, Gillies SD, Hank JA, Voss SD, Seeger RC, Reynolds CP, Kimball J, Albertini MR, Wagner B, Gan J, Eickhoff J, DeSantes KB, Cohn SL, Hecht T, Gadbaw B, Reisfeld RA, Maris JM, Sondel PM
Antitumor activity of hu14.18-IL2 in patients with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma: a Children's Oncology Group (COG) phase II study.
J Clin Oncol 28: 4969-75 (2010)
PM ID: 20921469 PMC3020698
42: Hadi V, Koh YH, Sanchez TW, Barrios D, Neamati N, Jung KW
Development of the next generation of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: pyrazolone as a novel inhibitor scaffold.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett 20: 6854-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20864343 PMC2957562 NIHMS229647
43: Parekh C, Jubran R, Erdreich-Epstein A, Panigrahy A, Bluml S, Finlay J, Dhall G
Erratum to: Treatment of children with recurrent high grade gliomas with a bevacizumab containing regimen.
J Neurooncol : (2010)
PM ID: 21110216
44: Rutkowski S, von Hoff K, Emser A, Zwiener I, Pietsch T, Figarella-Branger D, Giangaspero F, Ellison DW, Garre ML, Biassoni V, Grundy RG, Finlay JL, Dhall G, Raquin MA, Grill J
Survival and prognostic factors of early childhood medulloblastoma: an international meta-analysis.
J Clin Oncol 28: 4961-8 (2010)
PM ID: 20940197
45: Chen HJ, Panigrahy A, Dhall G, Finlay JL, Nelson MD, Blüml S
Apparent diffusion and fractional anisotropy of diffuse intrinsic brain stem gliomas.
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 31: 1879-85 (2010)
PM ID: 20595371
46: Bernstein I, Byun HM, Mohrbacher A, Douer D, Gorospe G, Hergesheimer J, Groshen S, O'Connell C, Yang AS
A phase I biological study of azacitidine (Vidaza™) to determine the optimal dose to inhibit DNA methylation.
Epigenetics 5: 750-7 (2010)
PM ID: 20861661
47: Pollack IF, Hamilton RL, Sobol RW, Nikiforova MN, Nikiforov YE, Lyons-Weiler MA, Laframboise WA, Burger PC, Brat DJ, Rosenblum MK, Gilles FH, Yates AJ, Zhou T, Cohen KJ, Finlay JL, Jakacki RI, Children's Oncology Group
Mismatch repair deficiency is an uncommon mechanism of alkylator resistance in pediatric malignant gliomas: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 55: 1066-71 (2010)
PM ID: 20589656 PMC3036982 NIHMS270263
48: Debnath B, Al-Mawsawi LQ, Neamati N
Are we living in the end of the blockbuster drug era?
Drug News Perspect 23: 670-84 (2010)
PM ID: 21180653
49: Dhall G, Khatua S, Finlay JL
Pineal region tumors in children.
Curr Opin Neurol 23: 576-82 (2010)
PM ID: 21042218
50: Venkatramani R, Ma NS, Pitukcheewanont P, Malogolowkin MH, Mascarenhas L
Gorham's disease and diffuse lymphangiomatosis in children and adolescents.
Pediatr Blood Cancer : (2010)
PM ID: 21181877
51: Gupta AA, Gerstle JT, Ng V, Wong A, Fecteau A, Malogolowkin MH, Meyers RL, Grant D, Grant RM
Critical review of controversial issues in the management of advanced pediatric liver tumors.
Pediatr Blood Cancer : (2010)
PM ID: 21125617
52: Gandara DR, Grimminger P, Mack PC, Lara PN, Li T, Danenberg PV, Danenberg KD
Association of epidermal growth factor receptor activating mutations with low ERCC1 gene expression in non-small cell lung cancer.
J Thorac Oncol 5: 1933-8 (2010)
PM ID: 20975603
53: Sands SA, Pasichow KP, Weiss R, Garvin J, Gardner S, Dunkel IJ, Finlay JL
Quality of life and behavioral follow-up study of Head Start I pediatric brain tumor survivors.
J Neurooncol 101: 287-95 (2011)
PM ID: 20526792
54: Grimminger CM, Danenberg PV
Update of prognostic and predictive biomarkers in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: a review.
Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 268: 5-16 (2011)
PM ID: 20827554
55: Al-Mawsawi LQ, Neamati N
Allosteric Inhibitor Development Targeting HIV-1 Integrase.
ChemMedChem : (2011)
PM ID: 21229520
56: Sun X, Yan Y, Liu S, Cao Q, Yang M, Neamati N, Shen B, Niu G, Chen X
18F-FPPRGD2 and 18F-FDG PET of response to Abraxane therapy.
J Nucl Med 52: 140-6 (2011)
PM ID: 21149494
57: Choi SH, Heo K, Byun HM, An W, Lu W, Yang AS
Identification of preferential target sites for human DNA methyltransferases.
Nucleic Acids Res 39: 104-18 (2011)
PM ID: 20841325 PMC3017615
58: Iqbal S, Tsao-Wei DD, Quinn DI, Gitlitz BJ, Groshen S, Aparicio A, Lenz HJ, El-Khoueiry A, Pinski J, Garcia AA
Phase I clinical trial of pegylated liposomal Doxorubicin and docetaxel in patients with advanced solid tumors.
Am J Clin Oncol 34: 27-31 (2011)
PM ID: 20142723
59: Al-Mawsawi LQ, Neamati N
Allosteric inhibitor development targeting HIV-1 integrase.
ChemMedChem 6: 228-41 (2011)
PM ID: 21275045 PMC3115487 NIHMS267684
60: Millard M, Pathania D, Grande F, Xu S, Neamati N
Small-molecule inhibitors of p53-MDM2 interaction: the 2006-2010 update.
Curr Pharm Des 17: 536-59 (2011)
PM ID: 21391905
61: Sharma H, Patil S, Sanchez TW, Neamati N, Schinazi RF, Buolamwini JK
Synthesis, biological evaluation and 3D-QSAR studies of 3-keto salicylic acid chalcones and related amides as novel HIV-1 integrase inhibitors.
Bioorg Med Chem 19: 2030-45 (2011)
PM ID: 21371895 PMC3866048 NIHMS272252
62: Stanford SM, Krishnamurthy D, Falk MD, Messina R, Debnath B, Li S, Liu T, Kazemi R, Dahl R, He Y, Yu X, Chan AC, Zhang ZY, Barrios AM, Woods VL, Neamati N, Bottini N
Discovery of a novel series of inhibitors of lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase with activity in human T cells.
J Med Chem 54: 1640-54 (2011)
PM ID: 21341673 PMC3086468 NIHMS276264
63: Yamada R, Cao X, Butkevich AN, Millard M, Odde S, Mordwinkin N, Gundla R, Zandi E, Louie SG, Petasis NA, Neamati N
Discovery and preclinical evaluation of a novel class of cytotoxic propynoic acid carbamoyl methyl amides (PACMAs).
J Med Chem 54: 2902-14 (2011)
PM ID: 21443194
64: Bacchi A, Carcelli M, Compari C, Fisicaro E, Pala N, Rispoli G, Rogolino D, Sanchez TW, Sechi M, Neamati N
HIV-1 IN strand transfer chelating inhibitors: a focus on metal binding.
Mol Pharm 8: 507-19 (2011)
PM ID: 21323359
65: Venkatramani R, Ma NS, Pitukcheewanont P, Malogolowkin MH, Mascarenhas L
Gorham's disease and diffuse lymphangiomatosis in children and adolescents.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 56: 667-70 (2011)
PM ID: 21298758
66: Khatua S, Phillips A, Fangusaro J, Bovan S, Dhall G, Finlay JL
Recurrent pure CNS germinoma with markedly elevated serum and cerebrospinal fluid human chorionic gonadotropin-beta (HCGβ).
Pediatr Blood Cancer 56: 863-4 (2011)
PM ID: 20949592
67: Grimminger PP, Danenberg P, Dellas K, Arnold D, Rödel C, Machiels JP, Haustermans K, Debucquoy A, Velenik V, Sempoux C, Bracko M, Hölscher AH, Semrau R, Yang D, Danenberg K, Lenz HJ, Vallböhmer D
Biomarkers for cetuximab-based neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer.
Clin Cancer Res 17: 3469-77 (2011)
PM ID: 21558395
68: Villani A, Tabori U, Schiffman J, Shlien A, Beyene J, Druker H, Novokmet A, Finlay J, Malkin D
Biochemical and imaging surveillance in germline TP53 mutation carriers with Li-Fraumeni syndrome: a prospective observational study.
Lancet Oncol 12: 559-67 (2011)
PM ID: 21601526
69: Pasin E, Josephson DY, Mitra AP, Cote RJ, Stein JP
Superficial bladder cancer: an update on etiology, molecular development, classification, and natural history.
Rev Urol 10: 31-43 (2011)
PM ID: 18470273 PMC2312342
70: Dhall G, Traverso M, Finlay JL, Shane L, Gonzalez-Gomez I, Jubran R
The role of chemotherapy in pediatric clival chordomas.
J Neurooncol 103: 657-62 (2011)
PM ID: 21052774
71: Gupta AA, Gerstle JT, Ng V, Wong A, Fecteau A, Malogolowkin MH, Meyers RL, Grant D, Grant RM
Critical review of controversial issues in the management of advanced pediatric liver tumors.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 56: 1013-8 (2011)
PM ID: 21488153
72: Wu Z, Todorov I, Li L, Bading JR, Li Z, Nair I, Ishiyama K, Colcher D, Conti PE, Fraser SE, Shively JE, Kandeel F
In vivo imaging of transplanted islets with 64Cu-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 by targeting GLP-1 receptor.
Bioconjug Chem 22: 1587-94 (2011)
PM ID: 21692471
73: Malogolowkin MH, Katzenstein HM, Meyers RL, Krailo MD, Rowland JM, Haas J, Finegold MJ
Complete surgical resection is curative for children with hepatoblastoma with pure fetal histology: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
J Clin Oncol 29: 3301-6 (2011)
PM ID: 21768450 PMC3158601
74: Fan X, Zhang FH, Al-Safi RI, Zeng LF, Shabaik Y, Debnath B, Sanchez TW, Odde S, Neamati N, Long YQ
Design of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors targeting the catalytic domain as well as its interaction with LEDGF/p75: a scaffold hopping approach using salicylate and catechol groups.
Bioorg Med Chem 19: 4935-52 (2011)
PM ID: 21778063 PMC3163123 NIHMS308124
75: Birkhahn M, Penson DF, Cai J, Groshen S, Stein JP, Lieskovsky G, Skinner DG, Cote RJ
Long-term outcome in patients with a Gleason score ≤ 6 prostate cancer treated by radical prostatectomy.
BJU Int 108: 660-4 (2011)
PM ID: 21223479
76: O'Neil S, Ji L, Buranahirun C, Azoff J, Dhall G, Khatua S, Patel S, Panigrahy A, Borchert M, Sposto R, Finlay J
Neurocognitive outcomes in pediatric and adolescent patients with central nervous system germinoma treated with a strategy of chemotherapy followed by reduced-dose and volume irradiation.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 57: 669-73 (2011)
PM ID: 21495164
77: Monserrat JP, Al-Safi RI, Tiwari KN, Quentin L, Chabot GG, Vessières A, Jaouen G, Neamati N, Hillard EA
Ferrocenyl chalcone difluoridoborates inhibit HIV-1 integrase and display low activity towards cancer and endothelial cells.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett 21: 6195-7 (2011)
PM ID: 21889342
78: Blüml S, Panigrahy A, Laskov M, Dhall G, Krieger MD, Nelson MD, Finlay JL, Gilles FH
Elevated citrate in pediatric astrocytomas with malignant progression.
Neuro Oncol 13: 1107-17 (2011)
PM ID: 21771868 PMC3177657
79: Fang H, Harned TM, Kalous O, Maldonado V, Declerck YA, Reynolds CP
Synergistic activity of fenretinide and the Bcl-2 family protein inhibitor ABT-737 against human neuroblastoma.
Clin Cancer Res 17: 7093-104 (2011)
PM ID: 21933888
80: Villablanca JG, London WB, Naranjo A, McGrady P, Ames MM, Reid JM, McGovern RM, Buhrow SA, Jackson H, Stranzinger E, Kitchen BJ, Sondel PM, Parisi MT, Shulkin B, Yanik GA, Cohn SL, Reynolds CP
Phase II study of oral capsular 4-hydroxyphenylretinamide (4-HPR/fenretinide) in pediatric patients with refractory or recurrent neuroblastoma: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
Clin Cancer Res 17: 6858-66 (2011)
PM ID: 21908574 PMC3207022 NIHMS322852
81: Bacchi A, Carcelli M, Compari C, Fisicaro E, Pala N, Rispoli G, Rogolino D, Sanchez TW, Sechi M, Sinisi V, Neamati N
Investigating the role of metal chelation in HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitors.
J Med Chem 54: 8407-20 (2011)
PM ID: 22066494
82: Tippin BL, Levine AJ, Materi AM, Song WL, Keku TO, Goodman JE, Sansbury LB, Das S, Dai A, Kwong AM, Lin AM, Lin JM, Park JM, Patterson RE, Chlebowski RT, Garavito RM, Inoue T, Cho W, Lawson JA, Kapoor S, Kolonel LN, Le Marchand L, Haile RW, Sandler RS, Lin HJ
Hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase (HPGDS): a high stability, Val187Ile isoenzyme common among African Americans and its relationship to risk for colorectal cancer.
Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat 97: 22-8 (2012)
PM ID: 21821144 PMC3226866 NIHMS319011
83: Al-Safi RI, Odde S, Shabaik Y, Neamati N
Small-molecule inhibitors of APE1 DNA repair function: an overview.
Curr Mol Pharmacol 5: 14-35 (2012)
PM ID: 22122462
84: Malogolowkin MH, Katzenstein HM, Krailo M, Meyers RL
Treatment of hepatoblastoma: the North American cooperative group experience.
Front Biosci (Elite Ed) 4: 1717-23 (2012)
PM ID: 22201987
85: Yadav MR, Grande F, Chouhan BS, Naik PP, Giridhar R, Garofalo A, Neamati N
Cytotoxic potential of novel 6,7-dimethoxyquinazolines.
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