University of Southern California
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
If you are a patient, please contact Keck Medical Center of USC at 800-USC-CARE.

Contact Information

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
Translational Path Core Facility
1441 Eastlake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Director: Dr. Sue Ellen Martin, Associate Professor of Pathology

Adult Tissue Arm

Director: Dr. Andy Sherrod
Chief, Anatomic Pathology USC University/Norris Hospital

Mo-Li Chen
Alex Trana
Kevin Liu
Emyli Clark
Office number 323-865-3374
Fax number 323-865-9659

Population-Based Tissue Arm

Director: Dr. Wendy Cozen
Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pahtology

Jose Aparicio
Manny Garcia
Office number 323-865-0481, 323-865-0354
Fax number 323-865-3168

Pediatric Tissue Arm

Director: Dr. Hiroyuki Shimada
Professor of Clinical Pathology, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Karen Miller
Office number 323-361-8740
Fax number 323-361-8004