Cancer Research Informatics Core

Over the last 15 years the CRIC team has developed software to support the research activities of USC investigators.

CRIC provides custom tools to manage your studies, or your day-to-day workflow. We create installed applications, databases, surveys, websites & reports. Most of our software is custom made to your needs. This could mean databases for laboratory data management, clinical trials, epidemiologic & prevention studies as well as disease specific studies.

We currently support about 50 active websites, and 100 CAFE applications. Here are some sample CAFE projects we do. 

If you are using Excel, Access or paper, or hiring your own software developers, you are probably wasting time and/or money! Your team will work much more productively, your data will be safer and more reliable, and you will be able to concentrate on the science. Since you will do more in less time, your might not require as much support for your grant applications.  Don't forget to add us to your next grant!


We can arrange different payment methods depending on your need. Instead of you having to hire exactly 1 full time programmer yourself, you could hire us for any amount of need. When we charge hourly, our rate is $110/hr for Cancer Center members, $120/hr for others.  We do not charge to develop CRFs for cancer trials, for CISO specific needs, or for Cancer Center administration.

To talk about your needs, please contact us.

Learn more about CAFE, our signature tool to efficiently produce research applications!