Cell and Tissue Imaging Core

The Cell and Tissue Imaging Core operates under the direction of Dr. David Hinton and is supervised by Ernesto Barron and Douglas Hauser. It is located in a 2,100-square-foot, shared-use facility on the USC Health Science Campus within the Vision Research Center (DVRC) Room 214. The Core is available to all in the USC community by appointment 24 hours/day. Training and assistance in the use of the instruments and associated technical procedures is provided by appointment and in scheduled in-service training sessions.

The primary function of the Cell and Tissue Imaging Core is to provide assistance and training in the operation of equipment for laser scanning confocal microscopy, multiphoton laser scanning confocal microscopy (Zeiss LSM510), spinning disk confocal microscopy (PerkinElmer Ultraviewer pinning disk confocal), transmission electron microscopy (JEOL JEM 2100 LaB6), scanning electron microscopy (JEOL JSM/6390LV), Laser Capture Microdissection Microscopy (Zeiss PALM System), fluorescence microscopy, quantitation of immunocytochemical procedures (Leica and Olympus Microscopes), and fluorescence and brightfield microdissection and microcapture (Zeiss PALM System). The Core offers support for specimen preparation, thin sectioning techniques, embedding procedures, cryosectioning techniques, photography, digital photomicroscopy and photomicrography and computer aided graphics.

Other equipment located in the Core includes a vacuum evaporator, sputter coater, critical point dryer, two print processors, three enlargers, two print and film dryers, two dissecting microscopes, a tissue cryostat, tissue chopper, several computer workstations, a Polaroid slide maker, a color laser printer and a slide scanner.

Pictures of available equipment 

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