Bioinformatics Support Request

In response to the growing need for Bioinformatics support, the Cancer Center has dedicated one bioinformatician (Vasu Punj, Ph.D.) to serve USC as well as researchers from other institutes in experimental design, analysis and interpretation of high-throughput molecular data. In addition, Dr. Punj will also assist Cancer Center investigators in developing Bioinformatics components in grants application and drafting manuscripts. The projects will be taken in the order they are received.

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(Microarray data including Gene expression, microRNA expression), Tiling array, Transcription factor binding sites, DNA methylation, ChIP-seq, ChIP on ChIP, DNA-seq, RNA-seq (mRNA expression/alternate splicing/ identification of novel transcripts or gene/ Gene fusion/ detection of RNA editing); sequence variation, Pathway analysis, data mining from Public databases or other Bioinformatics support)
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Contact for discussion and data analysis:
Vasu Punj, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Research Medicine
1450 Biggy Street, NRT G511
Los Angeles, California-90033