NCCC Bioinformatics Core

Bioinformatics Core

Fostering innovative research between Biomedical and Computational Sciences.

Bioinformatics is data-driven discipline that primarily deals with management, mining, analysis, and visualization of biological information using computational tools and methods developed with concepts derived from various scientific fields. The Bioinformatics Core offers a wide range of services to researchers across Norris Cancer Center at USC and other academic institutions either on fee-based or a combination of fee- and collaboration-based service. Our mission is to provide integrative in-silico (computational) Bioinformatics-based analysis solutions to basic, clinical, and translational research applications. The Bioinformatics support ranges in scope from simple consultations to more in-depth collaborations, depending on the nature of the required assistance. We can customize a tailor –made solution to fit your data. Whenever possible, we will request the participation of the investigator during the course of our data analysis. We believe that a fundamental understanding of the biology and experiment, can only be supplied by the person who has done the work and is required for an appropriate analysis.

To make the complex projects scientifically rational, we often divide these analyses into sub-steps.

If you plan to use our analysis services of the Bioinformatics Core, please fill out a support request form with details of your project and we can discuss it further.