Biostatistics Core Services

Statisticians who are members of the Biostatistics Core are available to provide statistical support to clinical, basic science, and cancer cause and prevention investigators. This support may range from simple advice, to participating in the design of the research project, to carrying out aspects of the data management and statistical analysis of a project. The level of support depends on the scale of the project, the support staff available, and the expertise of the investigator. The statisticians in this Core work with members of the Clinical Investigations Support Office (CISO) by participating in the planning, monitoring, and analysis of in-house clinical trials approved by the Clinical Investigations Committee (CIC). They adapt and incorporate innovations in statistical and clinical trials methodology into the design and analysis of cancer research studies.

Priorities: Initial, short-term consultation is available to all Cancer Center members. For studies that involve more of a statistician's time, priority is given to Cancer Center projects that have received peer-reviewed funding or are part of the research effort of a funded Cancer Center investigator, studies that are deemed critical to a specific Cancer Center program, and to clinical studies that are rated outstanding by the CIC, that have received CISO support, or that are reviewed and approved by the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program of the NCI. There is no charge for Biostatistics Core support

Staffing: The professional staff of the Biostatistics Core currently consists of four biostatisticians, who are faculty members of the Department of Preventive Medicine. These statisticians bring to the Cancer Center expertise in the area of cancer clinical trials, epidemiology, and genomics (Drs. Joshua Millstein, Kimberley Siegmund, Chih-Ping Chou, and W. James Gauderman). Dr. Millstein is involved primarily in the analysis of multi-omic data; Dr. Siegmund’s expertise is in cancer modeling and epigenetics; Dr. Chou’s research focuses on statistical methodology in social and health behavioral research; and Dr. Gauderman’s expertise is in statistical techniques for the discovery of gene-environment interactions. Four master’s level statisticians support the professional staff of the Biostatistics Core.

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