Shared Resources

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Important note to Members of the Cancer Center

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BioInformatics - The Bioinformatics Core offers in-depth bioinformatics analysis of genomic and epigenomic data, training, and custom bioinformatics software and database development.
Bioreagent and Cell Culture* - Provides reagents for cell culture and prepares bioreagents that are produced by cells grown in the facility.
Biostatistics -  The Biostatistics Core meets the statistical needs of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center investigators in all Cancer Center programs.
Cancer Research Informatics Core (CRIC)*  - Custom programming & software support.  Request Programming Here.
Cell and Tissue Imaging ("Confocal") -  The Cell and Tissue Imaging Core has the latest imaging equipment for researchers to use. The facility is available by appointment 24 hours/day.
Circulating Tumor Cell -  The CTC Core is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform facility for the capture and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) shed by solid tumors into the bloodstream.
Clinical Investigations Support Office (CISO) -  Oversees the clinical research infrastructure and assists investigators in their conduct of clinical trials and translational research projects.
Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring  - Comprises the Flow Cytometry ("FACS") & Immnue Monitoring Cores
Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support*  - Provides glass washing, autoclaving, supervision and maintenance of all centralized shared equipment used for the Cancer Center.
Molecular Genomics - Provides comprehensive analysis of genome-wide and targeted platforms to assist USC & Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center members in elucidating the role of genetic and epigenetic variation in risk of disease.
Small Animal Imaging -   Provides scientists and physicians with the state-of-the-art imaging technology for studying intact biological systems using a multimodality approach. 
Transgenic/Knockout Rodent - Provides production of transgenic and knockout rats and mice. The Core can also assist with genotyping of rats and mice, and expert consultation on vector preparation, developmental biology, and approaches to testing gene function in rats and mice.
Translational Pathology -  Provides normal and tumor tissue specimens necessary for laboratory-based, epidemiologic and clinical cancer research studies. 

*Not funded by the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)