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Trial 4P-10-6

Accuracy of Targeted Biopsies Using MRI-TRUS Fusion Guidance: Pilot Study on Ex Vivo Radical Prostatectomy Specimens.

Type: Diagnostic
Phase: Pilot
Status: Not Open (Closed)
Randomized: No
Defintions of terms and FAQ about clinical trials.
Trial Leaders/Researchers:  Osamu Ukimura, M.D.
Other Trial Staff:  Vicky Araujo, D.M., Eliza Hart, Coordinator

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You may participate in this study if:
1Must have biopsy-proven prostate cancer, or PSA = / > 4 ng/ml or an abnormal DRE if consented before prostate biopsy
2Must have at least 2, preferably 3, pre-operative MRI-identified malignant or benign lesions that measure between 10 mm and 15 mm in diameter within the prostate
3Must have decided to have their prostate surgically removed
4Signed an approved study-specific informed consent and HIPAA

You may not participate in this study if:
1Extracapsular extension of their prostate cancer

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