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Trial 0S-00-16

Molecular Determinants of Response and Survival to Platinum Compounds (Oxaliplatin and Cisplatin) in Patients with Cancer.

Type: Other
Phase: Not Applicable
Status: Closed to Accrual with Ongoing Follow-up
Randomized: No
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Trial Leaders/Researchers:  Heinz Josef Lenz, M.D.
Other Trial Staff:  Ramona Lujan, R.N., Jiayi Jiang, D.M., Raluca Agafitei, Coordinator, Henock Solomon, D.M.

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You may participate in this study if:
1Histologically confirmed cancer that will be treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.
2At least 18 years of age.
3Prior chemotherapy is allowed. No prior cisplatin therapy is allowed, except when patients are treated with novel platinum compounds, such as oxaliplatin.
4Must agree to allow the use of their fresh frozen or paraffin-embedded tumor tissue that has been previously collected. Tumor tissue should be collected prior to the start of platinum chemotherapy.
5Signed informed consent.

You may not participate in this study if:
1Patients without tumor tissue or with a limited amount of tumor tissue available for diagnostic purposes. Drs. Sherrod and Naritoku will make the decision whether there is sufficient material for the study.

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