University of Southern California
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Gerhard (Gerry) Coetzee, Ph.D.

Photograph of Dr. Gerhard (Gerry) Coetzee

Dr. Gerhard (Gerry) Coetzee, Ph.D. is professor of Urology, Preventive Medicine and Microbiology at USC with 30 years of molecular biology experience. He is the co-leader of the Genitourinary Cancers program. Dr. Coetzee is currently leading an NIH-funded research study on the role of the steroid receptors in prostate and breast cancer predisposition and progression. Major findings during the past decade include the role of polymorphisms in the androgen receptor (AR) gene and prostate cancer predisposition, the role of AR signaling in ablation-resistant prostate cancer, and more recently genome-wide AR occupancy, including associated modified histone signatures. He is currently using these techniques to identify regulatory sequences at loci affecting prostate cancer predisposition (risk). Recently his lab discovered the first androgen-dependent enhancers at 8q24 that affected transcriptional regulation related to prostate cancer risk.