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Pronuclear Injection Transgenic Mouse Order Form

  • We will harvest 150-200 eggs (B6D2F1) and inject into the pronucleus of fertilized ova with DNA prepared and purified by the investigator (protocols available upon request). We ask that the investigator supply a photo of the gel of the purified DNA for injection. Injected eggs that survive to the 2 cell stage will be implanted into pseudopregnant females.
  • We will pay for the maintenance of foster mothers and pups up to three weeks from date of birth. During that time we expect the PI to (1) Genotype the mice; (2) Transfer the mice to the PI's vivarium protocol. We will charge double for the mice left on the Core protocol after three weeks.
  • In general, the injection will be repeated until at least 2 transgenic pups are obtained (except the cases in which the transgenic causes embryonic lethality). Transgenic status refers only to DNA integration as assessed by Southern blot. We can't guarantee expression of an RNA or protein product from the integrated DNA.

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