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If you are a patient, please contact Keck Medical Center of USC at 800-USC-CARE.

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Mouse Special Services Quantity required
Blood Collection, Adult (BDF1 mouse included)  
Embryo Dissection, E9.5-E18.5 (per litter, mother included)  
Organ Collection/per mouse (WT BDF1 included)  
Super Ovulation/per female  
Fertilized embryo, 1 cell stage /per 10 eggs  
Fertilized Embryo, 8 cell or blastocyst/per 3  
Timed Pregnant mothers/per female  
Transgenic mouse colony maintenance (per month)  

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= Total $    

If outside USC, you may use a PO, including CHLA and Doheny Inst.

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Human Stem Cell research? Under penalty of law, please honestly indicate if this order is for non-Federally approved Human Stem Cell research? Federal regulations require these projects not be subsidized by federal funds. If yes, additional costs may apply.  
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