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ES Cell Gene Targeting for Rats

  • Advice on vector design.
  • Electroporation (TG/KO provides DA rES cells).
  • Selection of 200-400 ES cell colonies.
  • Customer performs PCR or Southern blot for screening.
  • Additional services available for additional charges.
  • For injection of ES cells into blastocysts, please see our "Knock-Out" Rat order form 

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Selection Marker Genes:

We will need map of the targeting vector, screening strategy and copy of a southern blot showing detection of expected bands by the 5’ and 3’ probes. Restriction enzyme to be used screening of clones.

DNA fragment concentration as determined by OD260: 

Require Screening Service?       

Restriction enzyme to be used for linearized DNA: 

Note: Picture of DNA undigested and digested required.

The ES cell gene “knock-out” or “knock-in” requires the full cooperation between the investigator and the gene targeting core facility, these are complex experiments whose success cannot be guaranteed.

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If outside USC, you may use a PO, including CHLA and Doheny Inst.

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Human Stem Cell research? Under penalty of law, please honestly indicate if this order is for non-Federally approved Human Stem Cell research? Federal regulations require these projects not be subsidized by federal funds. If yes, additional costs may apply.  
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