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Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation Order Form

The storage of mouse embryos in liquid nitrogen offers a safe way to preserve lines with potential future use but no current use.  This also saves facility space and the expense associated with keeping a breeding colony.  Another advantage is that during the process of embryo collection, most pathogenic organisms are excluded.  For cryopreservation of a mouse line, the P.I. coordinates the receipt of at least 10 males ages 2.5 - 6 months of the desired strain under the P.I.'s animal care program number.  The Core acquires Wt B6D2F1 females (P.I. must provide the females if a specific background is required) and schedules the freezing 200 or more fertilized eggs from each line in straws.  As a quality control, the Core will thaw a straw of embryos along with each frozen line and will culture them to the blastocyst stage.

# mice prepared
Hybrid or mixed strain 8 males or more
Inbred or special strain 10 males and 20 females

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